Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Blog stats for November 2009

This blog had 8,151 viewers in the last month - a really large increase on the month before.

I had to screengrab this image in the morning before I'd officially passed the 8,000 mark but it illustrates the real growth this month. Several thousand more.

Thanks for continuing to come back for more, and do keep the local stories coming in. 

It's not bad for something I started on a whim after this incident when I called an ambulance for a homeless man who we’d left lying on our streets all night one cold November morning just over a year ago. At the time I thought the Bush was missing a real news & views service and sadly that holds true still, although this blog will only ever be my own personal musings.

The strength of the blog though, and probably why it gets so many readers now, is you. Most of the stories that get posted here are sent by readers, including those who actually risk consequences by passing me information that some people would rather you didn’t know. Anonymity is always respected.

This month alone I have seen at least three stories posted on this blog picked up by the local printed press or referred to on other discussion boards - keep them coming and thanks again. Chris.


  1. Thanks for all your work on this blog, it's the first place I go if I want local news. Keep up the great work!

  2. Congrats :)
    Intrigued by your hints of whistleblowing and reader generated content - hadn't realised that. And I'd be interested to know about local discussion boards.
    Are you on Twitter? I searched and couldn't find you. Using Twitterfeed to post these blog posts there, and friending other people who write about London & Politics (and there are a few W12, W6 & W4 twitterers), would probably mean your posts would get linked to and Retweeted a lot more. And, more importantly, discussed. You get more feedback and connection via Twitter than via blog comments. The ratio of views to comments shows how shy Brits are about commenting on blogs. But in my experience, the conversation is what makes it really worthwhile.

  3. thanks both for the compliments.

    Rupert - Twitter account is @chris_underwood and thanks for the tip, I just created a feed

    Having said that, I do get a fair amount of comment and dialogue, it just comes back directly rather than on the blog, partly because people are passing stories, but yes I'm sure being shy is also part of it too - which is fine by me!

  4. Well done, Chris.
    I'm not a Busher, but we could certainly do with something like your site in my borough (that's Enfield).
    Keep it up.