Thursday, 17 December 2009

Acid attack: Katie Piper to give C4 alternative Christmas message

Katie Piper, who was raped and then horrendously disfigured by an acid attack carried out by two of the Bush's most disgusting local criminals, will be giving this year's alternative christmas message on Channel4.

One of the most-read pieces on this blog, with 3,864 readers, has been this article which I wrote in May when Daniel Lynch, from Becklow Gardens W12, was sentenced to a minimum of 16 years in prison.

At the time I called the Judge, "His Honour" Mr Nicholas Browne QC, a 'moron' for only having sentenced Stefan Sylvestre, who actually flung the cup of acid in Katies' face, 6 years. I still think he is a moron for that utterly pathetic sentence.

But in that article I also described Katie as having been "destroyed" by the two men. At the time she was being fed through a tube and living inside a plastic bag because the acid had eaten away so much of her face and the lining of her throat.

Now I think I was wrong. That woman has shown more courage, determination and strength of charecter than any of us will probably be called on to do. She was changed forever, but she was most definately not destroyed. And I'm looking forward to hearing what she has to say on Christmas Day to prove it.


  1. It was great to hear Katie do the alternative Christmas message this year. In an age of self-obsessed beauty her words need to be projected the world over ten fold!

    I read about lots more girls like Katie from a charity called Acid Survivors Trust International. So many people unfortunatly go through the same tragedy, and it's happening in large numbers all over the world! I can't help imagining how many people like Katie are celebrating Christmas today.

    Too them all, i hope you too one day will get the confidence you deserve.

  2. hi katie piper my name is jharna im 4m bangladesh but i live in usa now. i was burn w acid about 11 yrs ago n I saw u yester day on tv. made me cary I know how u feel . I am sorry . well Im in face book jharna Akther
    I would like to shar my story w u oh i was in 20/20 too in 2000 any way hope 2 hear 4 m u
    with love

  3. hi katie im reading your book at the moment and i think its terrible what those blokes did to you , im glad u had mr jawad to help u, i think your beautiful inside and out love carla xx

  4. Hi katie, I have just finished your book beautiful in 3days, I couldnt put it down,I cried and I smiled. I wish you all the happiness in the world, you deserve it. You are an inspiration to the world.You are also beautiful inside and out and you will one day Im sure meet Mr Right and have a family, and id love to hear or read that... good luck with your charity and Denise xxx