Monday, 21 December 2009

Goldhawk Road: Andy Slaughter to intervene?

Andy Slaughter has offered/threated (delete as applicable depending on whether you're a resident or a Council official) to intervene over this super-contentious planning decision which would transform Goldhawk Road and turn a green conservation area into a dense housing project. He says:

The truth, as always, is that the deal had been done before the committee met.  The site had been auctioned off by the council to its favourite housing association, whose management also advise the Tory Party on housing policy, in total disregard of the wishes or needs of local residents.

If residents so wish I will request a call-in to public inquiry for this site as I have successfully done in the case of Goldhawk Industrial Estate.  It would be unusual for a development of this size to be called in by the Secretary of State, but planning decisions in Hammersmith are so perverse that there must be a chance of success.

I said here that Shaun Bailey, the conservative candidate for this constituency at the next election had taken another knock as a result of this decision, and everything local people from that part of our Borough tell me indicates that this is true - Andy Slaughter MP could well do both them and himself a favour by contributing to having this decision overturned.


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