Saturday, 5 December 2009

Sponsor me, support Cancer Research UK

In the past year I have lost three close friends to cancer, and another close relative is very ill with it at the moment. You will all know someone in a similar position because one in three of us will get cancer at some point in our lives.

A little while ago I used to have some very unhealthy habits in the way I lived my own life but in the past 2 years have changed a lot. When people who havent seen me for a long time see me now their first comment is usually about how much weight I've lost. I now have a different addiciton however, which is sport. Most of the photos I take for this blog are at the crack of dawn or even before now the nights have drawn in as I make my way down to the gym at the W12 Centre.

But I've never done a marathon before. Not even a 10K run officially in fact. But I am in training for the Brighton Marathon in April next year and am currently running about 15-20K a go. A full marathon is 44K, or 26 point something miles. So a way to go, but I have time!

If you would like to sponsor me I would be very grateful, and with apologies in advance you're all going to hear about this again. Possibly even with photos as well, including what I imagine will be some gruesome ones at the end in April!

I've just set up a JustGiving website here, where you can sponsor me tax free. It also means that Cancer Research can claim GiftAid which basically means they get even more than you donate. Thanks for your support - I recognise I'm hardly going to be the only one asking for sponsorship. Whoever you support good on you - and if you yourself are doing something - all power to you!

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