Thursday, 10 December 2009

Shaun Bailey: The Movie

Our Conservative Party candidate for the Hammersmith (which includes the Bush) seat has made this video about our local area and his views. Watch and enjoy...if you've got a spare 8 minutes!

What did you think? I thought his focus on housing was very interesting given the controversies that have been around recently due to planning decisions, none of which will have helped Shaun's cause very much. But he deserves credit for making this video, I can see from the stats that over 100 of you have watched it already. So a very effective piece of local communication. Andy Slaughter has relaunched his website recently which you can see here, and very good it is too, but for numbers of people reached this has to be far more effective. I notice Shaun has obviously sat on this video for a long time though - judging by the weather and clothes people wear in the video it was obviously filmed in summer!


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