Saturday, 12 December 2009

Rapist jailed for 1999 attack

A rapist who managed to get away with his attack for nearly a decade has been sent to prison after being tracked by DNA after being arrested for something different. Pole Kazimierz Sadowski, 32, from Barking, east London, attacked the Shepherd's Bush woman after offering her a lift home with another man from central London. Among other things this degenerate threatened to "break your neck" when the woman tried to escape,  eventually dumping her in the Bush.

This is obviously one of the worst nightmares of any woman, but it comes hard on the heels of yesterday's story about Darren Johnson, the current Chair of the Greater London Authority and Leader of the Green Party in London. After this party he decided to get an illegal cab home, and even boasted about it on his Twitter account. The prat.

Although Kazimierz Sadowski wasn't driving a minicab the principle is the same. And after being out myself last night and looking at the state of some of the women falling out of bars in no position to really look after themselves, please, please, please use this service over the break and don't take the risk. Put the number in your mobile now so you don't have to think about it later.

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