Monday, 14 December 2009

H&F Council: Christmas is cancelled

Some of you may have seen this report on BBC London about the councils across London who have decided to close their public services on boxing day -  Saturday 26th December (on the grounds that its a public holiday) but have also decided to impose standard-day parking fines on the same day that are normally not in place on boxing day, because this year it falls on saturday and is not therefore officially a bank holiday. 

Result? Thousands of pounds of christmas money leaving the pockets of unsuspecting people and entering the coffers of our Council. Cynical, manipulative .. and very very lucrative.

By contrast if you park your car down the road in Chiswick, you'll be fine. Because Hounslow council, like most others, isn't treating its' residents in such a grubby pick-pocket-like way.

Contact the man responsible for doing this to you, Cllr Greenhlagh, Leader of H&F Council at to give him a piece of your Christmas Spirit

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