Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Shepherd's Bush Fair

If you fancy a drab, drizzle bound dullathon then get yerself down to the Green for a last chance to experience the Shepherd's Bush Fair, which has graced our Green since Boxing Day and runs till the 6th Jan 2010.

I've walked past it a few times this year and I have to say it looks dire. I can only hope that the Council does a lot better than last year at cleaning up afterwards. But I doubt it.

At least these little people are happy.


  1. What I particularly love are the white notices that attempt to reassure parents that this is THE SAFEST FUNFAIR EVER.

    Not too sure how they can prove that...

  2. Especially as someone was killed in an accident at a fair on the Green a few years ago, don't know if it's the same company......

  3. Who on earth really wants this dismal event? It leaves a ghastly, muddy after shock and takes over half of the open space, and the gas works depot there already has rendered the footpaths and cycle ways hideous. Ghastly and unnecessary.... no more please! Nature always is left to provide remedial treatment against the odds.

  4. presumably the accounts department at Hammersmith Town Hall! I can't see them spending any of that on cleaning up, they seem to like to leave that to the rats

  5. [...] Council but not exciting much interest from the hard-to-please locals of the Bush. In my several posts on this fair, this year and last, I’ve asked questions about the clear-up operation that [...]