Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Play.com – customer service?

If you, like me, are doing last minute internet Christmas shopping can I suggest you avoid Play.com like the plague.

I have just been trying to place two orders on their website but on two occasions their website went down. On the third occasion it appeared to go through successfully, or at least they took my credit card details, but then straight after the order it went back to their home page with no acknowledgement. Nor did I get an email telling me the order had been placed.

After waiting for no less than 15 minutes on their “helpline” I eventually got through to someone called ‘Margie’ who did not speak English very well at all. She refused to answer the question as to whether any money had actually left my account and kept saying I should “make another order, make another order!”

I will Margie – but not with Play.com ever again. Bewarned!

1 comment:

  1. Hello Chris

    If I were you, I'd never but never shop online on dodgily performing websites.

    A bit like ebay, its a LOT more trouble than its worth.

    Why shop before christmas anyway?

    Give people the cash and they can shop for themselves AFTER Christmas.