Monday, 14 December 2009

BNP raise events in S Bush at Mayor's Question Time

You will all remember the events which surrounded the BBC's decision to invite Nick Griffin, leader of the BNP, onto the Question Time programme a few weeks ago. As predicted there was unrest outside the building and the BBC itself was briefly stormed by protestors, with the Police having to draft extra forces in to secure both the building and the area in which protestors were gathered.

Now the BNP's Richard Barnbrook, who is a member of the GLA, is going to be asking Mayor Boris Johnson a question about the whole episode on wednesday at Mayor's Question Time, which will then be briefly debated. There are widespread rumours that Nick Griffin, leader of the BNP will attend, presumably along with other thick set bomber jacketed swastika enthusiasts, as they try to turn the whole episode into a media circus. City Hall have already started to organise extra security measures to deal with the likely consequences, which are about as inevitable as what happened in our own backyard.

Given the focus on the Bush I will be going to this session of Mayor's Question Time on wednesday and reporting back on what the fascists have to say about what they got up to in our area, courtesy of our ratings chasing neighbours, the BBC.

Richard Barnbrooks Question is as follows:

Disorder At Television Centre

Question No: 4001 / 2009

Richard Barnbrook

The answer to Mayor’s question 3342 / 2009 was wholly unsatisfactory. You say you believe in free speech but this was violent disorder. You failed to condemn such violence commenting that it was “counter productive to the unpleasant views of Nick Griffin”. Will you here and now as Mayor of London and Chairman of the Metropolitan Police Authority condemn in the strongest terms possible the violence and disorder outside television centre perpetrated by Unite Against Fascism in which 3 Metropolitan Police officers were injured?

It's worth saying at the outset however that this could all turn into a damp squib. Richard Barnbrook is famous for being both quite slow witted and pretty useless at his job. He frequently talks for so long he runs out of time and generally shouts a lot without saying much. If he does that then there obviously won't be much to report but if he gets his act together the Mayor will have to answer and there will then be a short mini debate as Barnbrook will have right of reply. Time will tell.

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    Good progress is being made at City Hall by Boris Johnson, but nobody said the job was easy.