Wednesday, 9 December 2009

QPR suspend 'headbutt' Magilton

Queen's Park Rangers have suspended manager Jim Magilton after this frankly bizarre episode where he locked one of his best players out of the changing rooms. Akos Buszaky eventually had to go and hide in a public toilet, in the cold of Watford still in his kit! Londonist is reporting that a furious Magilton headbutted Buszaky, and that the player is now considering legal action as a result.

Magilton's reign it would appear is over, and he would of course be one in a long line of has-been QPR managers since Hitler fan Bernie Ecclestone and Fabio Briatore took over. Judging by some of the results they have been enduring recently I would imagine this latest incident was just the excuse the two strange men at the top were looking for. Another long season in the Championship beckons for 2010-11...

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