Friday, 18 December 2009

Privatise the Post Office!

Latest experience of the unfailingly crap sorting office on Ariel Way, W12. Two packages, christmas presents both, which were not delivered despite someone being inside my house on both occasions are still nowhere to be found.

I get to the sorting office and think myself lucky for finding a parking space, for which I pay the princely sum of 90p to avoid the vulture like traffic wardens that prowl Ariel Way just because they know people will leave their cars for the sorting office.

I get into the sorting office and endure the loud 1970s rock music that some prat behind the counter always insists on playing in that place. I peruse the trade union stickers that are plastered all over the place with slogans about how we should "keep the post public" at all costs.

Then I get told that possibly one of my packages won't be there because it hasn't been 48 hours. "But I only live over there"! "It 'aint the office" comes the reply, which apparently is in North London. Oh, that office.

Then he comes back with a smirk to tell me that in fact neither of them are there, including the one that has been waiting for me for at least 4 days. So "what happenned to that one then"? "Dunno mate - its chris'muss innit". He then snorts loudly and looks past me.

Yes, it's Christmas. So what? Can someone please remind me why it would be so bad to privatise these jokers tomorrow?


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