Tuesday, 29 December 2009

2010: Year of change for the Bush

The coming year will change the look and future of the Bush for generations to come. A bold claim, but true nonetheless. We have the prospect of the Green itself being ripped up and redeveloped beyond all recognition, more transport changes and an election which probably won't alter control of the Council - but it will decide who the next MP is, which will either slow down or speed up the changes they want to make - which will in turn change not only what the Borough looks like, but also in the long term who actually lives here.

What are your predictions for 2010? After this review of 2009 here are some of my thoughts for 2010 in order of when I think they will happen ...

1 - Shepherd's Bush Green is redeveloped, prompting a storm of protest over the trees that the Council has earmarked to be chopped down, in opposition to the Mayor's strategy for protecting London's wooded friends

2 - Andy Slaughter narrowly hangs on to the Hammersmith seat at the General Election, but with a wafer thin majority. In the end I think his local popularity, plus the damage the Council has inflicted on Shaun Bailey's chances, will narrowly - very narrowly - count for just a bit more than the current deep unpopularity of the Government

3 - Conservatives win the local elections and hang on to the Council, reaping the benefits of a very unpopular central Government and voter's responses to promises of tax cuts constantly carried in propaganda-dressed-as-news. Stephen Greenhalgh, currently the Leader, leaves H&F to become a member of the House of Lords advising Prime Minister David Cameron on housing & local government strategy - and our Council loses a lot of it's current high national profile as a result. A more moderate leader promises to listen to local residents a lot more before making major planning decisions.

4 - Unseasonal storms lead to Hammersmith and Bush houses being flooded with sewage again, presenting H&F Council with a face-saving way of conceding defeat in it's campaign against the Thames Tunnel, or what it calls the "Super Sewer Crater"

5 - A young kid is killed on our streets, and several other young kids - most likely members of the local 'Murder Dem Pussies' gang - are found guilty later in the year and sentenced to 20+ years, thus ruining their lives as well as the victim's family. Cue much hang wringing and soul searching, but not much else.

6 - Wormwood Scrubs is designated a London 2012 Olympic Site, with preparations underway to build an archery and shooting facility

7 - Major security incident at Westfield shopping centre takes place prompting a crackdown including bags being searched on entry. This follows an attempted attack in central London which is foiled by the bravery of police and passers-by.

8 - Acton Carnival takes place and is a roaring success, although several people are taken to hospital as a precaution following exposure to the record-breakingly hot sun that has baked W12 for much of the summer.

9 - QPR are beaten in the play off quarter finals for promotion to the Premiership prompting Flavio Briatore and Bernie Ecclestone to leave the club in the hands of multi billionaire Lakshmi Mittal. Fans celebrate with an impromptu carnival in Ellerslie Road.

10 - BBC revokes an invitation to Nick Griffin to appear on Question Time after being asked to cover the cost of the security operation

So a brave new world - and one which will change the Bush for at least the next 5 years, if not longer. It will be an exciting ride, and makes this place the best in London to live in by a very long margin indeed. Thanks for reading this year, and do please keep the stories coming in, they make this blog what it is. I'd love to claim credit but some of those that have been picked up later by other media, in some cases days or even weeks after they were featured here, have all been as a result of readers themselves sending them in. Anonymity always guaranteed.

Enjoy the year ahead!

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