Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Andy Slaughter deals a low blow

Andy Slaughter, our MP, has posted this article on his website about what he calls the 'Israeli lobby' in the UK. You can read it and make your own mind up but essentially the point seems to be that large numbers of the Conservative Party are somehow in hoc with this lobby and there's something a bit shady about that.

I am a fan of Andy, and know how hard he works for this area, but this really is beneath him. For a start there is an equivalent to the lobby he quotes, Conservative Friends of Israel. It is called Labour Friends of Israel. Spot the difference? And Andy, in a technique perhaps learned from our Council's propaganda-dressed-as-news freesheet, omits to mention that he is a supporter of another lobby group. It is called Labour Friends of Palestine.

I make no point here about either the Middle East conflict or the rights and wrongs of any lobby - but if you are going to try to use these connections for political advantage, at least do so openly and by presenting the full picture. Andy can do much much better than this.

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