Thursday, 10 December 2009

Prisoner found dead at Wormwood Scrubs

I've posted before about our hidden neighbours in W12, and the total lack of contact we have with them. This report in the Ealing Gazette which appeared on friday carries the tragic and very sad news of a prisoner who was driven to suicide behind those walls. Daniel Heath, 32, hanged himself in July last year just 10 days after having been sentenced, an inquiry into his death has been told.

From the report in the Gazette he sounds like a career petty criminal who demonstrated what to my unqualified mind looks like very obvious signs of mental distress. But the prison system is full of people with mental health problems and yet empty of staff properly equipped to deal with that. So people like Daniel, who described hiding from mirrors to protect himself, continue to go undiagnosed, unhelped and end up taking their own lives.

All next door to us. If you can, think about joining this scheme.

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