Monday, 30 November 2009

Vote Shaun, get sewage!

Conservative candidate Shaun Bailey appeared on yesterday's Politics Show talking about the Thames Tideway Tunnel, or "Super Sewer" as H&F Council refers to it. A big boost to his campaign to win the Hammersmith seat at the general election, but it was a hard gig - defending as he was our Council's position which now seems to have retreated from "They shall not pass" to "we need more clarification". Towards the end BBC journalist Tim Donovan, who was chairing the discussion, made the barbed comment that Shaun's campaign slogan at the election might be "vote shaun, get sewage". His Labour opponent Andy Slaughter MP will not be slow to pick up on that.

Preceded by a 3 minute video showing rowers rowing through effluent and tunnels belching sewage into the river the panel featured a very sharp media operator from Thames Water, Lib Dem MEP Sarah Ludford and our Shaun. The Thames Water guy came across as very assured and on top of his brief, the MEP kept trying to say how Brussels was really very relevant and Shaun talked about "massive cost and loss of green space", referring to this meeting and this local park.

You can watch the programme here


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  2. You say "the panel featured a very sharp media operator from Thames Water"

    Look him on on Wikipedia to understand why.


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