Saturday, 7 November 2009

Uxbridge Road/Shepherd's Bush Green roadworks

very deep indeedHaving forgotten about the fact that buses (or anything else) cannot now turn left up Uxbridge Road from the Green towards Acton I enjoyed a detour on the 607 yesterday via Westfield and then bloemfontein, till we got back onto Uxbridge. All in all not a big deal really, at least not for me.

But having gone past the workmen on the site on the way down into the Bush I can confidently predict those works will be there for a long time, just like their Camp Bastion on the Green which has been there for the best part of the year.

Clearly standing around not doing much apart from smoking is an essential part of modern road engineering - and looking at this roadmarking from the corner of Uxbridge Rd and the Green, they obviously have a clinical approach to measuring what they are going to do next. "Very deep"? Up to our necks I'd say!


  1. Hah! :)
    Got stuck in this on Wednesday night - 260 driver shouted something incomprehensible and then shot off in the wrong direction, causing mass panic.
    Any idea what they're up to? Resurfacing? Or something very deep?
    Gives us a taste of what it would've been like if they'd succeeded in pushing through that ridiculous tram.

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