Thursday, 26 November 2009

Anthrax & Asbestos threat to Hammersmith station?

The problem with the RMT is that they are hard to believe at the best of times given the way Communist Bob pursues his own agenda at the expense of everyone else. But if even a fraction of this allegation against Hammersmith tube is correct then it has to be a big issue. I have a feeling this story is going to run .. I note the lack of a complete denial from TfL for starters.

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  1. This was cleared up at lunchtime yesterday - the horse hairs tested negative for anthrax. If you find horsehairs in very old building materials, you have to send them off for testing in the very unlikely event that the hairs might have anthrax spores. What you don't have to do is close off a major transport hub. It's just some old plaster uncovered in a bar connected to the station. And just Bob being Bob. It's almost like someone's paying him to give unions a bad name. He's doing a great job.