Friday, 6 November 2009

Circle Line extension on the way

You will all have seen the various advertising boards on the tube highlighting that the Circle Line extension, which will effectively do away with the Hammersmith & Shitty Line and make it part of the Circle Line, is on its way. It will go live on December 13th. Good news for those of us subjected to the vagaries of the H&C line for the last few years.

The Tube online says this:

Trains on the Circle line will become more reliable and evenly spaced. Other changes will depend on which part of the line you use:

Between Hammersmith and Royal Oak

  • More frequent services, with trains every five minutes

  • Travel direct to Aldgate, Tower Hill and further round

Travelling via Edgware Road

  • Eastbound trains from High Street Kensington will terminate at Edgware Road and you'll have to change

  • Westbound trains will run to Hammersmith so you'll have to change at Edgware Road to travel towards High Street Kensington or further round

Travelling to or from Paddington

All trains via King's Cross St. Pancras will run from the Hammersmith & City line station - with a more frequent service.

As earlier posted, I thought this was another opportunity to have a little celebration so here once again, back by popular demand, is the Thriller Dance on the Tube. Happy week-end everyone!

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