Monday, 9 November 2009

H&F Question Time Tonight!

john_humphrysThis Borough Summit is taking place tonight at the Town Hall and it looks like being a very interesting evening indeed. Chaired by BBC presenter John Humphrys, who himself has crossed swords with the Council on several issues recently, the event will be a Question Time format where residents get to put questions to Council Leader Stephen Greenhalgh and leaders of our local public services including policing and health.

I have just received an email from the 'corporate communications department' at Hammersmith Town Hall, saying that after the event there will actually be an online debate for those people who went but couldn't ask their questions and also those who didnt have a chance to go.

I said in my last post on this that it was clear there are a lot of politics behind tonights' event, but to be honest I think the Council deserve a lot of credit for putting this on as well.

Greenhalgh has had a lot of bad PR recently and putting himself on a platform like this with a rottweiler like Humphrys and the local media is not without risk. Picking Humphrys is also something that both he himself and the Council deserve even more credit for - people like me can hardly carp from the sidelines about it being as biased as an article in H&F News if it is chaired by someone like that.

So well done H&F Council on this - its going to be great for local democracy and accountability and however it goes tonight, full credit for putting the whole thing on. I shall report back later this evening with some highlights.

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