Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Council tax cut by 3%

taxOur Council has just announced that our council tax will be cut by 3% next year, for the fourth year in a row.

Stephen Greenhlagh, Leader of the Council, said:

All councils have a duty to respond to the impact of the worldwide recession on the nation’s finances and the finances of hard-working families across our borough

We need to deliver better services for less money which is why we are cutting tax at the same time as putting more bobbies on the beat, improving our parks and making our streets cleaner. We managed to open the first new library in the borough for 40 years at virtually no cost to the taxpayer.”

But Opposition Leader Stephen Cowan said:

"This is the most controversial stealth taxing, front line service cutting, self-serving administration in the country", accusing the Council of making the poorest pay with cuts to essential services.

All of which will make this summit very interesting indeed. Tickets selling fast so I hear ...

UPDATE: The Times newspaper are covering this story and reporting that H&F is being used as a test bed for future national Tory policies should they win the general election. We've heard that a lot recently - so we are guinea pigs for Cameron's policy shock troops!

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