Thursday, 26 November 2009

Goldhawk Block decision called in by Secretary of State

News reaches us that  the Goldhawk Block decision, which was a planning decision taken so obviously against the wishes of local residents and embarassed the leader of the Council to the point he felt obliged to offer a public apology, has been called in by the Secretary of State for Planning.

It's hard to over-emphasise the embarassment this will cause to the Council. Having ridden roughshod over local residents, this decision will now be put in deep freeze while central government examines it. Meanwhile all those jobs that the Council's decision looked set to extinguish have been given a lifeline.

This is now a lose-lose situation for the Council and quite possibly a rescue line for residents. If they manage to pull it off we should take our collective hats off to them. Cllr Greenhalgh will not be amused at this latest turn of events.


  1. Well done them and it goes to show that if you make enough fuss and have a logical and informed argument, they must listen. Lets hope that the same applies for the 24 hour licensing application and booze 9am until 2.30 am get similar attention.
    a hearing has been arranged for Monday 14 December at Hammersmith Town Hall at 10am in order for the Licensing Sub-committee to hear the application.
    Do you think Humphrys might be free??

  2. Agreed - Cllr Michael Cartwright sent the letter which led to the decision being called in. He was the man who couldn't contain his sarcasm at the claims being made at the meeting by the hapless council officer! I would think he'll be a very popular man down that way now...

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