Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Skanska cowboys' approach to health & safety revealed

Yes Ladies & Gents that is a live pneumatic drill, left in the road, with no fencing around it. All in a days' work for these professionals. Mind you, mustn't work too hard. Anyone got a fag, it must be time for another break?

These are, of course, the equally professional guardians of Shepherd's Bush Green at the moment.


  1. I don't think it's live - doesn't look like it's attached to anything. The hose needs to be attached to a compressor (one of those big yellow machines) to pump the compressed air into it, which is what makes it work. My guess is that leaving it there is not best practice and maybe compromises elf safety, but maybe not quite as insanely dangerous as you feared. Might want to make some copy adjustments before you get a letter from their pinstriped friends ;)

  2. fair enough - the word 'live' is duly drawn through. But for goodness sakes a pneumatic drill left lying next to a pavement with pedestrians walking past it?

    And these are the same people who have done quite the most botched construction job I have ever seen on our green, a view apparently shared by the Deputy Leader of the Council.

    So instead of threatening me with nasty legal letters why don't they simply clean up their act instead?!

  3. where's the profit in that? ;)
    i agree with your criticism of their work, just trying to help you avoid the typical global corporate response to criticism: this country's ridiculous libel law.
    in any event, you can draw your own conclusions about the link between shoddy workmanship and health & safety by googling 'skanska health and safety' - first page has two stories of injury, death and arrest. second page has a guardian article showing they appear to have bought more info from the union blacklist database than any other building firm in the UK. nice.