Tuesday, 13 April 2010

London Labour campaign launched in Hammersmith

What seemed like half the Cabinet descended on Hammersmith this morning in order to launch the local election campaign for the London Labour Party, which is fighting to hold on to the Councils it runs across the city and to take back those it lost last time round, including of course Hammersmith & Fulham itself.

A tall order? Well yes, but as you're sick of reading me say by now this is the frontline of both the General Election nationally as a seat the Tories have to take if they are to win government at westminster and a weathervane for the fight to hold on to or win council seats as well.

So Labour Opposition Leader Steven Cowan was joined by Andy Slaughter, Home Secretary Alan Johnson, Culture Secretary Tessa Jowell and Environment Secretary Ed Milliband.

They delivered the Labour manifesto at St. Paul’s Centre in central Hammersmith.

Alan Johnson focused on the Conservatives’ proposed cuts in safer neighbourhood police teams, which he argued have made a huge impact on crime in London.  He said that while crime continues to fall across London and the country, it is rising in Hammersmith due to what he called the incompetence of the current council whose first act, he said, was to cut police support in Hammersmith Broadway, which has the highest crime figures in the borough.You may recall the Home Secretary visited Shepherd's Bush Market recently.

Tessa Jowell spoke about what she said were the Tories plans to destroy affordable housing, not only in Hammersmith but across the country.

Ed Miliband talked about the Labour Manifesto, which he wrote, and the contrast he drew between Labour’s protection of services and incomes and what he said were the Tories’ plans for cuts in tax credits and education.

From the St. Paul’s centre the merry band walked up to Lyric Square and talked to local residents, before heading to Ravenscourt Park to meet some community groups.

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