Saturday, 17 April 2010

My marathon tomorrow

Tomorrow morning I will be taken to my destiny. A cab is booked to get me to Victoria station for the 0555 train down to Brighton for their first ever marathon. And it's my first ever one as well.

I've now been training for the event since just after Christmas and its involved running in, quite literally, snow rain and ice for much of that time. So as you hear about the Brighton run tomorrow and then the London marathon the following week and think "ooh, what nice weather to run in" just remember the training that's gone into it!

So .. this is one last plea for sponsorship. When I set out to do this marathon I was doing so in support of my cousin, who at the time had breast cancer. She's listed as one of my sponsors on this page but the illness sadly took her just weeks ago. And a very good friend of mine in America also lost his fight earlier this year. I know I'm hardly the only one, and indeed some of the readers who have already kindly sponsored me have told me about their own experiences, so we all have a very real reason to support the fight against this disease.

As you'll see I've raised 95% of the £500 I set out to raise for Cancer Research UK thus far - if you're able to tip me over the target I shall be eternally grateful. Thanks for reading - oh, and blogging might take a back seat till late monday!


  1. Best of luck and enjoy it.

    Are you planning to do a bit of deliverying on the way round?

    Mark Morris

  2. I hope it went well Chris and was not too hot!, I would have said good luck but was away for the weekend
    Iain Muir