Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Home Secretary visits Bush

Another Cabinet big hitter dropped by to Shepherd's Bush last week. Alan Johnson, the Home Secretary, took in the sights and sounds of Shepherd's Bush Market among other places as he supported Andy Slaughter's bid to be re-elected our MP.

The Home Secretary, a former postie, grew up in West London and was apparently delighted to be back amongst the bustle of our local market, recalling which stalls he’d enjoyed in his youth as well as meeting some of the markets newest members.

A swift tour down the market with James Horada, chairman of the market traders, and Peter Wheeler, a shop owner and local activist, took the party to the Dave Horatha fabric shop. This is one of the oldest in the market and offers exactly the sort of friendly service that Shepherd’s Bush Market is famed for.

Andy Slaughter said: "The Market site is seen as the latest victim of unrestrained development along the Goldhawk and Uxbridge Roads, following 282 Goldhawk Rd, the Goldhawk Industrial Estate and Stowe Road Depot. I was delighted Alan Johnson had the time to see for himself the threat to the character of the area where he grew up. If the council pursues an unsuitable development here we will be asking the Government to intervene as they have with other sites."

So .. we've now had David Cameron, Peter Mandelson, David Miliband and now Alan Johnson. Quite frankly anyone who'se anyone in politics is part of the Battle for the Bush!

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