Sunday, 14 March 2010

H&F Housing Chief suspended in Nazi fetish row

That's not a headline I ever thought I'd come close to writing but today's Sunday Mirror appears to have solid evidence that Gareth Mead, who is in charge of social housing and homelessness at Hammersmith & Fulham Council, has extreme racist views which he pursues in some kind of bizarre fetish.

I've absolutely no doubt this will come as just as much a shock to Council officers and political leaders as it does to us, and he's been suspended already, but unsurprisingly the Mirror and others have also noted that this was the man in charge of the service that dealt out this appalling dereliction of duty towards a pregnant woman. She happenned to be black.

I remember when the BNP membership list found its way on to the internet I managed to find a scarily high number of people who appeared to live in Shepherd's Bush or the surrounding area. Even if this guy is not one of them, he's a reminder that people like that do sadly still exist. I don't think anything less than a summary sacking would do.

UPDATE: 1300:  The neighbournet website is incorrectly reporting, cutting and pasting the Sunday Mirror's copy for most of the article, that Mr Mead is a "housing officer". He is in fact in charge of the housing and homelessness service and earns 90,000 per annum. A statement is expected from the Council by the end of today.

UPDATE 17th March: The Council have just released this statement to me: "Gareth Mead has been suspended pending a full disciplinary investigation."


  1. I expect he will get a good thrashing!
    But seriously, where are the ethics of our civic servants?

  2. LOL @ Neighbournet. Cutting and pasting is their speciality, research is not.

    Try the W4 site, the editors operate in secret, summarily banning anybody whose view they disagree with.

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