Wednesday, 10 March 2010

H&F Crime Summit: You're safer but more to do

That was the message at last saturday's Crime Summit held at Hammersmith Town Hall. I had meant to go but needed to put the marathon training first since there's only 5 weeks to go! Several of you did go and have told me it was well attended with the exception of one or two of the workshops.

The Council's own account of the Summit is here and where they deserve real credit is for a) having put the event on and b) not trying to take the credit for what the Police have achieved. Cllr Greg Smith, the Cabinet Member for Crime & "Street Scene" (what on earth is "street scene") is quoted at length but he resists the politicians' temptation to try to steal the glory. He does however point out that the Council has put a lot of funding the Police's way, particularly to support the development of safer neighbourhood teams.

What I find most astonishing about the whole thing though, and it came up at the Borough Summit last year, is how cyclists seem to have earned the irritation of lots of local people in the Bush. And I say this as a part time fair weather cyclist! I'm also a runner at the moment and on at least one occasion myself I've almost been run down from behind by some prat going too fast on a bike - and it seems they cause no end of problems on the residential streets as well. What do H&F Cyclists have to say about that? I have asked them and actually they do have quite a lot to say about that, so look out for a right to reply posting in the next couple of days...


  1. Regarding cycling, I think these meetings tend to attract a certain audience which is not necessarily the cycling part of the population. If I remember well, the meeting was the best part of a Saturday ... not something most people with busy jobs would be interested to attend.

    If this consultation would have been done e.g. via a Facebook group this would perhaps not be so prominent.

    This being said, there ARE issues with antisocial idiots on bikes and as the number of cyclists grows the number of cycling idiots also increases. However, don't forget there are 3 or 4 thousand deaths caused by cars drivers per year and one or so by cyclists.

    Bart, cyclist, W12

    (PS Keep up the good work with the blog)

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