Saturday, 6 March 2010

QPR 3 West Brom 1

Coming back from my run this morning I saw lots of black and white striped shirts milling around, these were of course the away fans for what I think most people must have assumed was going to be another spanking for QPR. West Brom are one of the top contenders for automatic promotion to the premiership this year while the Rs will be fortunate to avoid the drop to League One after the Briatore years which have only just ended. What a far cry from the first game of the season, the exuberance of which I filmed here.

Enter Neil Warnock. The new manager, as I suggested at the time he joined, is one of the most enduring and successful managers in the English game. An inspired choice from the new Mittal dominated Board and one which paid dividends today. You could hear the cheers from my front room. We'll survive.

Will I be writing like this again at the start of next season? probably.

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