Thursday, 11 March 2010

Scientology protest in Shepherd's Bush

Some of you will have noticed that the strange cult called scientology has been establishing a presence in Shepherd's Bush in recent weeks. This week-end they were outside the central line tube offering lucky Bushers and Westfield shoppers "stress tests", no doubt as a means of getting their unsuspecting prey interested in joining the organisation.

A group which regularly protests against Scientology's activities in the UK recently held a counter protest in the Bush and posted footage up on YouTube - so here it is. At one point they are accosted by plain clothes police officers, who ask them whether they are causing a breach of the peace. Actually the police officers seem to be quite good and the exchange between the police and protestors reveals much about the Scientology cult they are protesting against. Credit to the police for being so good natured about it all.

They kind of spoil it all by filming themselves fooling around in the tube afterwards though. An every day occurence in the Bush. Watch and be intrigued..

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