Monday, 15 March 2010

Tories: Council Propaganda Newspapers "morally wrong"

I received my copy of H&F News, which never fails to arrive unlike the Fulham Chronicle, a couple of days ago. There were so many one sided articles in there it's hard to know where to start.

Like this article which includes our old friend Raj Bhattia blasting away at the Tideway Tunnel again - but he's at least not been allowed to repeat his & the Council's warning it will make residents homeless after Boris said it was rubbish.

And we pay for this propaganda with our taxes, while independent media is almost driven out of the Borough because it hoovers up all the advertising revenue. I hope the difficulties the Chronicle appears to be experiencing at the moment isn't a sign of that.

Perhaps all this is why Conservatives in Parliament called Hammersmith Council's newspaper "propaganda" that shouldn't be allowed. And now Conservatives in Greenwich are calling for the Labour propaganda newspaper to be banned because it is "morally wrong". When I look at my Council Tax bill I feel its pretty morally wrong too - for any party - to do this with our money.

Will Council Leader Cllr Greenhalgh listen to his fellow Conservatives? And if he insists on carrying on can't he apply to Lord Ashcroft to cover the costs instead?!


  1. [...] Now, young James lives in St. Peter’s Grove, Hammersmith (helpfully Google Streetmap shows a black Fiat Panda parked outside a house you can’t actually view, so it’s almost certainly about number 20-24)*.  This just happens to be in the ward of one Harry Phibbs, who, as we can see from the original post, is generally more interested in criticising Boris for not being beastly enough to the Reds than in actually doing anything constructive.  Considering the overrunning roadworks on Askew Road/Goldhawk Road that are holding May up in the morning are on Hammersmith and Fulham’s roads, perhaps he ought to attend to the day job?  Mind you, given this policy, this, this and this followed by this report, I’m not sure this particular libertarian ex-FCS gobshite is going to be any more use in the real world than a fart in a hurricane.  He should stick to what he’s good at – right-wing propaganda. [...]

  2. [...] has been condemned for doing this by their own Conservative colleagues in Parliament, and in local government yet still continue the practice. They have been condemned repeatedly by residents at public [...]

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