Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Uxbridge Road dug up again

Those Skanska boys are at it again with their own brand of work ethic.

Restrictions are in place causing a nightmare for buses who can't turn the tight corners very easily.

Who knows how long the'll be around but on past form it might be an idea to get thoroughly used to it.


  1. Actually this work has been in the offing for ages as part of the original multi phase plan. I have great 'Respek' for the guy I spoke to at LBHF (unusually) when I wanted some information about all this before Christmas and I think he is Gary Hawkins. He gave me all the information I needed and more, and explained about the reason for doing the works this way to avoid closing the Uxbridge Rd /Wood Lane Junction at the Green completely. (Can you imagine?) He gave me mobile numbers and email addresses and more than adequate info for my needs. That has never happened to me whenever I have called the council before. Initially all I did was call the number on the advert in the local rag regarding the works. It is a pain, but what are the alternatives?

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