Tuesday, 23 March 2010

The Bush: A take of two cities?

That's the question Tim Shelton, a blogger who thinks about the impact of new technologies on people, poses on his blog.

He describes a walk around the 'old' Bush - "..with run-of-the-mill type [shops] you'll find in various modest neighborhoods. A quick walk around the park suggests that the area is primarily dominated by immigrants from the Middle East and you'll often see women in full burkas. A few homeless people and drunks are in the park which is otherwise clean and well used with many children on the play equipment", and then the new Bush of Westfield Shopping Centre: "The mall itself is a fascinating vision of what 21st century life in London (and around the world) may increasingly look like. Steel and sheer glass replace the humble beige brick".

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  1. He forgot the acres of green plastic facade! Now that IS what the 21st century needs.

    What park was he in? It is a very skewed view and not one I recognise. No mention of all the eastern Europeans, the Antipodeans, the Somalis, Nigerians,......... a few Brits too I believe!