Monday, 26 April 2010

Battle of the Bush: Watch the candidates

Watch each candidate telling you why they deserve your vote, taken from the final debate between them.

I've been following this election now, in some depth, for months so I hope it's been useful in helping you decide how to cast your ballot. Andy Slaughter spoke to me here, Shaun Bailey here and Merlene Emerson here.

Blogging means you can go beyond traditional media, even online news outlets, and use a blend of media like this - so you can have text plus video plus interaction with the reader. The many and varied comments from readers on this report on the final candidates debate are evidence enough of that.

And some of the parties here in the Bush have responded to that, both of whom produced attack ads, that I suspect may have been produced with this blog in mind! Bailey said this so Andy said that.

In many ways this election has broken the mould - televised debates for example. But I hope that as more bloggers, citizen journalists if you will, take it up we'll have an even better level of coverage than we do now. So thanks for reading - and please make sure you vote in an election which will fundamentally decide what the Bush looks like in the years to come.

Here's Labour's Andy Slaughter

Here's Conservative Shaun Bailey

Here's LibDem Merlene Emerson

Here's Green Rollo Miles


  1. "Some" of theparties responded, "both" produced attack ads. As Merlene says, you have more than 2 options, why don't you vote for something you believe in?

    Vote Lib Dem, get Merlene!