Thursday, 8 April 2010

Slaughter releases his own attack ad

Andy Slaughter's campaign has responded to this attack ad, which Shaun Bailey's team released drawing attention to what they believed were his failures as Leader of Hammersmith & Fulham Council, by releasing an ad of his own.

It draws attention to what the Slaughter team believe to be a key weakness in Bailey's positioning. Namely, that he is not the local candidate that he claims to be.

This last blew up between the two as a result of comments made to this blog, with Bailey telling the Guardian that Slaughter was an "idiot" to make such claims, and warning that "I don't need to prove to him that I'm from Shepherds Bush. If he wants a mud-slinging match he wants to be careful I don't join in."


  1. Ugh. Like spoiled kids. "He Started It!".
    The Conservative posters/ads are bad enough, but how disappointing is it that Labour doesn't rise above it and raise the tone - instead, they sink to the same level. Why don't they understand that this is what people find so disgusting about politics and politicians. It might amuse some people, but most are just turned off and think the whole thing is pointless.
    I can't vote for either Labour or Conservative, if this is what they think is important.
    How about some policies and behaviour that inspires respect and confidence, instead of ad hominem insults?

  2. The guy grew up in the area, his mother lives in the area, he works in the area, and anyone who lives here will know he's everywhere at the moment. You cant seem to move without seeing him or his team everywhere. I think this is silly a red herring really.

    I'm much more concerned about the duplicity of a man who can vote with the government to close post offices and then hop in a cab and come to a meeting in Hammersmith and speak against the closures. That was Andy Slaughter my Labour member of parliament.

    I thought that was deceitful and outrageous when I read it the other day. What was he thinking! I've since looked it up and it seems like it's true... Look at this Independent article: