Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Battle of the Bush: Game On

The Prime Minister will fire the starting gun of a General Election that is likely to fundamentally decide the future of Shepherd's Bush today.

Together with the fight for the Town Hall in Hammersmith, the next MP will be making decisions or having influence over decisions that will transform the face and character of the Bush. That might be on planning issues that alter the look of W12, or economic initiatives that have an impact of the recession on our local shops, businesses and jobs. And given the recent news of yet another young person killed in mindless gang violence, they might even have an influence on that problem too.

So there's a lot to play for. A few weeks ago each of the main candidates spoke to this blog, and you can read what Andy Slaughter said here, what Shaun Bailey said here and what Merlene Emerson said here.

Look and listen out for more here and elsewhere - but if you don't do anything else on May 6th - VOTE. You'll have no right to complain about anything afterwards if you haven't.

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