Thursday, 1 April 2010

11,009 good reads on this blog in March

11,009 views in March, up from a rather low 9,912 in February. After the craziness of January, which saw over 40,000 views, this is actually about normal with December's views having been 11,809.

And why I am I giving you two months stats in one go? Because I forgot last month!

Thanks again for coming back, for sending the story ideas through, and keep them and yourselves coming back for more.


  1. With this number of readers, you should really put some ads on here. You could make a little something to reward you for all the effort you put into doing this. You could start with a simple Google Adsense integration, serving relevant Google ads. But you could also sell a little box in your sidebar to a local business. Or two. A lot of bloggers with many fewer page views do it. Not to mention the newspapers.

  2. Pet peeve about a former or theoretical someone living with you?

  3. chrisunderwood4 April 2010 at 07:48

    you're not the first to suggest it, but sadly Wordpress don't allow you to integrate with any ad thing, including Adsense!

    I do this just for a little hobby really anyway so its no big deal