Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Cruising in Ravenscourt Park?! Euphemisms ahoy!

So, what are your plans for the summer? A nice cruise? Well, not for the outraged residents of the Brackenbury Resident's Association it won't be, at least so long as it's not in Ravenscourt Park! 

Read this euphemism-tastic update from the local police, responding to concerns of the good people of Brackenbury Village:

Inspector Stan Davies, of the Parks Constabulary, writes in the Residents Association newsletter: 'I was informed at the Crime Summit of the concerns of park users that trespassers were engaged in anti-social behaviour when the park was closed.

'I promised that I would take action and I have done so and this will continue. My officers have been re-visiting the park after closure .... On the 12th March two males were found in the park after locking. These men were not local and their explanation for being there was 'shallow'. The police were called and thorough checks undertaken, we do not believe that these men will be visiting the park again when it is locked

So..what do you think they were up to?! 

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  1. Picking strawberries. What else ?