Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Goldhawk Block: Concert to defeat council

The doughty residents of the Goldhawk Road, led by the indomitable Rosemary Petit who strikes fear into the heart of local Tories who tried to force this development on residents dead set against it, will be hosting a benefit concert to help raise funds to pay for barristers taken on to fight their cause.
They'll have their day in court on the 25th May when the Inquiry into the development is set to be heard independently.

Much to the barely disguised anger of the Council the development was called in by the Government after interventions by residents and the then MP Andy Slaughter.

Budding musicians are donating their time for free and all proceeds will go to pay for the silk robed learned ones who'll be up against the developers' own legal barons. Speaking at this summit the then Council leader Stephen Greenhalgh commented that there were "lessons to be learned" from the debacle - as well he might given the summit was chaired by local BBC presenter John Humphrys who'se own submission against the development had been publicly dismissd as "misinformed" by the Council as they brushed all opposition to one side in scenes reminiscent of a trial in 1930's Russia.

The Council's actions have already cost over 200 local jobs as Innocent Drinks, who are based on the site, decided to move elsewhere due to the uncertainty over their HQ. If the revolutionary residents do triumph, led by Rosemary who has also opened up classic Shepherd's Bush guerilla tactics such as selling home made marmalade to raise funds, I for one think it will be a fantastic example of the little people standing up for their area and poking those who should know better in the eye - makes you proud to be British!

The concert will include such revolutionary anthems as:
Haydn, 'String Quartet in C' Op.76 No. 3 ‘Kaiser’; Vaughan Williams, 'Piano Quintet in C Minor'; Schubert, ‘Death and the Maiden’, Quartet No. 14 in D Minor (arranged for string orchestra by Mahler).

Performed by students of the Royal College of Music the event is on Friday, 14 May at 7.30pm, at Holy Innocents Church, Paddenswick Road. Advance tickets are £8; on the door: £10.

Tickets may be ordered in advance by email: goldhawkestateappeal@googlemail.com; tel. 056 0254 4057 (local rate); or collect from 197 Goldhawk Road, W12. Proceeds go to the Goldhawk Estate Appeal to help funds residents' legal and other costs for the planning inquiry.

Viva la revolucion!

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  1. Nigel Winkle - Goldhawk Concert Organiser12 May 2010 at 09:56

    Hi Chris

    Could you possibly re-promote our Concert for Goldhawk for this Friday (14th May at 7:30pm). As we have tickets still available and would like to make it a sell-out? Tickets will be available on the door. Many thanks.