Friday, 9 April 2010

Bailey attack "video"!

..and its return serve, in the ongoing ping-pong of attack ads. After Andy Slaughter's riposte to Bailey's attack ad, the local Tories have turned a recent appearance by Andy Slaughter on the LBC radio station into a mini-movie.

Not Andy's finest interview I think he'd admit, but in such a tightly fought local contest which at least in our area seems to be so dominated by very specific local issues will it make a difference?

Probably not, but those campaign workers are clearly very busy people..


  1. "Not Andy's finest interview" Now that is an understatement!

  2. Nothing like a comment from "Anonymous" to make you feel the warm glow of honest political debate.

    He got pretty flustered, and it was painful to listen to. The interviewer was a harrassing dickhead, though, but all he had to say was something along the lines of "commodity prices go down as well as up, so it could have lost even more value. it was the best call at the time."

    which to be fair was what he started to say at the end, "it was a good decision at the time", which obviously gets truncated by the opposition into "it was a good decision"

  3. "Call me Andy" clearly lost for words when pushed by tough interviewer Nick Ferrari! He burbled helplessly and then found himself trying to defend the utterly indefensible. It beggars belief. Shaun Bailey will be a refreshing change and a clear voice of common sense.

  4. I wasn't very pleased to get a leaflet through the post from Slaughter claiming that he is standing for "re-election" as my MP! My MP is Greg Hands and I hope after 6th May it will be Shaun Bailey.

  5. We need Shaun Bailey to invest his time and knowledge in to the future for Hammersmith rather than an 'MP' who doesn't understand the wealth of deferred gratifaction! Andrew Slaughter clearly favours instant gratification which is just as good as being a bank robber.

  6. These days you have to be made of stern stuff to put yourself out into the public domain. There is so much out there to spot your weaknesses and failures, (and ignore the strengths and successes)

  7. Something tells me Shaun Bailey has an active social media campaign team...

    The blogosphere has a long and valued history of disclaimers of involvement from commenters who are vigorously supporting a product or service.

    ie if you're promoting something in the comments, you say "Disclaimer: I work for XX" - or if you're not, you assume that people will think that you are, if you're 110% pro something, so you say, "I am not connected with XX"

    Apologies if all the pro-Bailey commenters here are completely unconnected to his campaign. It's just that there's always this sudden burst of pro-Bailey comments on every post about him & Slaughter, and lack of comments about other subjects...

    We're a cynical lot online - so doing this helps the credibility of strongly held opinions. Using real names and URLs helps too.

  8. haha yeah Rupert, blogs have always been known for transparency and accountability. Not a chance!!!

    Even if Bailey does have people posting for him here, so what? That's the beauty of social media. Anyone can have a voice. Bailey's opponents have just as much of a chance to do the same thing.

    Bailey isn't our saviour but one thing I keep hearing about him is that he is a breath of fresh air in a political world full of filth. Hopefully he will live up to the expectations lots of people seem to have about him.

    I'm posting this as 'anonymous' not because I have anything to hide, but just because I hate signing up to things online. I'm glad Chris doesn't force people to sign up to stuff in order to participate.

  9. > haha yeah Rupert, blogs have always been
    > known for transparency and accountability.
    >Not a chance!!!

    touché :)

    but that's what i mean, really. trust is a big issue online. everyone's cynical. there are a lot of people who factor that in when commenting or posting, and i think that's smart. otherwise we just skim past that content & it's wasted energy.