Sunday, 11 April 2010

QPR inch toward safety

Visiting his old club Crystal Palace can't have been easy for Warnock, especially since QPR should have been coasting toward safety by now. Instead Saturday's match was a must-win for both sides in a fight for survival. A fight that Palace are only in because they were docked points for running out of money and a fight QPR are only in because of the legacy of Briatore, Ecclestone and their ridiculous stewardship of the club until recently.

You never know which QPR are going to turn up these days, the ones that win matches with chances to spare or the truly abysmal side that seems to operate as a handful of ego-centric individuals that can't play as anything like a unit.

It was Crystal Palace's misfortune that the decent QPR arrived off the bus in south London on saturday. Rangers are now 6 points off the relegation zone and seem to have safety within their grasp.

Damion Stewart was taken off and sent on his way to a private hospital with a fractured skull after a sickening collision with a Palace player. It seems he is OK but did sustain a bleed into the brain which is clearly not a good thing, but doctors think its relatively minor.

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And contrast the end of this season with my report here of the season's opening game - what a season.

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