Saturday, 8 August 2009

QPR Blackpool 8th August 09 match report

blogshotNowhere near good enough. Maybe flirting with the bottom end of the playoffs but nothing more without much better finishing skills from this team. Thats my conclusion of our season ahead and from the words of those seated around me and on the way home what seemed to be the general conclusion of the fans of Loftus Road.

The game started as brightly as the sunshine, and at times during the opening 15 minutes it was almost embarassing for Blackpool. Chance followed chance for QPR, with some particularly impressive skills from Balanta who seemed to defy the laws of physics at times to turn no-hope situations into the basis for chances, but what we saw at the end of each move was almost breathtaking arrogance, with players apparently all believing that they were going to have so many shots they may as well have a punt themselves. We saw players nonchalantly just lob it  goalward and for it to be in turn gratefully gathered by the keeper.

And then Blackpool got going. All of a sudden it seemed like they were the ones with the momentum behind them, and chances started building up for them too. The difference was they were actually making an effort to convert each one at the finish and by the time the 37th minute score went in there was a resigned sigh from Ellerslie Road.

Half time saw a procession of the women's team who have just won promotion, so very many congratulations to them. Lets hope the men can draw som inspiration because ...

...the second half was sluggish to start with from QPR, and Blackpool appeared the quicker team both getting to the ball and then doing something creative with it. By midway through the half the crowd was beginning to get on the QPR players backs, with one shout asking about the retirement plans of certain defenders who seemed consistently second to the ball. I don't think this helped matters and when Rowlands went off injured there was a general downward feeling among everyone, that a day which had started so bright was really returning to QPR form.

The equaliser, when it came, was a really welcome shot in the arm for the crowd but you'd have to say it didnt look like it was coming and QPR were lucky to get it. Credit to the players for lifting themselves to get it though. And its also worth saying that the last 5 minutes of extra time (due to Rowland's injury) were nervy ones for the Blackpool crowd.

On this form there is no way that QPR will get anywhere near Middlesbrough, Sheffield or West Brom so its play offs for us. Unless something radical changes though we'll need that same luck that allowed us to equalise to even have a place in those. As if to rub it in those of us sitting opposite the VIP area were treated to the sight of Bernie 'some of my best friends are Jewish' Ecclestone storming out of the ground at 80 minutes!

Lastly, and very movingly, there was a heartfelt and warm tribute to Bobby Robson at the outset. Much deserved.



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