Monday, 24 August 2009

Meet the police

Following this little episode I looked into how the community here can better talk to the local police. The first chance is to come along to one of the meetings the local Safer Neighbourhood Teams are holding in and around the Borough.

I've seen a proliferation of PCSOs in the last few years around this area and to be honest although its nice to see them always wondered what exactly they could do, other than act as eyes and ears. They don't have the same powers as fully fledged police officers and are not armed with a baton so unlikely to intervene in anything serious.

But the council has put a lot of money into to the local police and Shepherds Bush has been a pilot area for things like crack downs on street drinking which they deserve praise for. I will try and get along to one of these meetings and report back. Why not come along.

The meeting details are all here

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