Saturday, 1 August 2009

A popular blog!

statpornI think its appropriate at this stage to thank my friends, family, pet dog (which I wish I had but don't) etc. Either way I thought you might be interested, particularly regular readers to have a sense of how many people now regularly come here for news and views on the Bush so here it is.

This month (July 2009) there were over 3,100 visits and as you will see the trend has been broadly upward ever since the start. Popular articles regularly get over 200 people looking at them although compratively few of you comment - which is fine. So long as it serves a purpose.

Not bad for a one man band started after this incident in the Bush one cold November morning.

So enough of the self back slapping thank-you for coming back and giving us a reason to continue. A particular thank you to those who have contributed, in some cases anonomously, stories or leads. I have and always will respect people's anonimity. And of course to those who have contributed information, in some cases eye witness information, of breaking news - which the traditional media took over a week to get around to.

Together we've shown that there is both a need and a way of sharing news about the Bush that uses the best of the web and is genuinely local. Here's to more of the same.


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