Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Street robberies in the Bush

burglars on the prowlIn the last week we have had two of these unwelcome pieces of paper through our door, which basically means that a crew of burglars are targetting our street at the moment. It begins to make a mockery of H&F's propaganda about crime but the real point is how many of these ever get solved. I have never been a victim myself but have known many who have, including several who didn't bother reporting it.

I think in terms of crime, including violent crime, the Bush is generally very safe. Some of my former haunts in this fair city have been nowhere near as good. Looking back now on a walk home from the tube after dark in Finsbury Park I'm reminded of some of the places I get sent to for work these days.

But we also seem to live in an area that is capable of producing the bad and really bad of the prison population. And I'll never forget the day I was walking to the gym at 6am on a dark morning vaguely aware of someone in front of me on Bloemfontein Road. Suddenly this person, a small woman as it turned out, had wheeled around and was glaring at me with some kind of self defence posture. She looked terrified. I just mumbled something about being really sorry and walked around her. And then felt terrible all week for managing to scare someone like that without even thinking about it - goodness knows what must have been going through her head.  

So I guess the figures are one thing but its how you feel that makes difference. I still think we're lucky compared to other areas, but what do you think? And do lock your windows, there are thieves on the prowl in W12.

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