Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Central line fire?

Did anyone else get caught up in that incident last night? About five o'clock I was in Oxford Circus trying to catch a central line back to the Bush only to be confronted by a strong burning smell, no visible smoke though and what looked like a blacked out train!


  1. Yes, but I was on my way to sheperds bush at around 3pm and I smelt it then!

  2. 3pm?! Great. So they knew about it for two hours before I even got on the tube and yet all the signs at Stockwell Station when I started (and online) said no problems reported.

    OR.. commuters were smelling it for 2 hours before London Underground did anything about it!

    Which is bad enough - but why are there no news reports telling us what it was?! I assume nothing serious, the only thing the driver of the blacked out train in Oxford Circus was doing in a rush was picking his nose