Friday, 7 August 2009

Our tube heritage

In the last 2 years we in the Bush have seen more change than most. Europe's biggest shopping centre has transformed a lot about the area and not always for the better. Many of us, me included, have fought against our lives being impacted negatively by that. Two new tube stations and one overground station later, my journey has just about improved.

But when did you become a Londoner? I realised on a visit to the part I first moved to, Finsbury Park, that I had become a Londoner 12 years ago. I've never wanted to leave.

How about this, then, of a reminder of all our heritage - a 1938 tube train! I actually remember tube trains looking like this from the mid 90s when I used to visit my girlfriend here who lived on the Northern Line. Which tells you something about how much investment the network was starved of

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