Monday, 3 August 2009

The London Loop

Gravel Lake - London Loop Walk Seriously good recommendation for a day out from West London - go for a walk on the London Loop trail. More info here.

A few weeks ago, at the Acton Carnival, Transport for London, with whom I have had a hate-hate relationship in the past, were giving out leaflets about various walking trails around London. The aim being to entice people to use their feet for leisure and maybe to start thinking about using them for work as well. Whatever you think of that aim these walks are fantastic judging by what I have seen so far. And they are free!

The London Loop is a series of nature walks on the edge of where countryside meets the capital, and if the other routes are even partly as good as the one I did last weekend they are fantastic.

Quiet, serene and surrounded by nature from the rabbits running around you to the birds. The closest route to Bush is route number 12 which you can see here. It means getting the central line to the end of the line at West Ruislip and then a bus to Uxbridge - and within minutes you're on the Grand Union Canal walking past locks and the odd ancient tea house. Its well worth a try - what have you got to lose?!  Let me know what you think - here are some pics.



  1. I've cycled the round loop from Shepherds Bush to Brentford lock via the branch of the grand union canal that runs from the north of the borough to Perivale, Southall etc. Lovely ride - about 30 miles. Be mindful though that the towpath stops being either stone or tarmac quite soon after Perivale and just a dirt track. I hadn't banked on that as my work commute is all on firm ground to Park Royal (and on to Wembley via cycle lanes).

    It's highly recommended as an urban ride that lets you escape. You can ride back via the river too.

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