Saturday, 1 August 2009

Summerfest'09 White City

summerfest'09Having been critical of our beloved local council recently its worth saying that I am making thorough use of the new swim for £1 deal for kids during August and think its a fantastic initiative. So well done H&F Council.  

In fact at Janet Adegoke Pool today I picked up this flyer for Summerfest'09 which is also an excellent initiative. Phoenix School, which its fair to say continues to have issues despite the miracles worked by its formidable headteacher, is currently the home to a co-operative food market among other things.

One or two of the offerings on this flyer might remind you of the severe challenges that remain for the youth of W12 though - and my goodness does this bring it home.


  1. Loving that chlamydia screening is one of the draws for this event. WHOO HOO CHLAMYDIA SCREENING, honey get the kids, we're going this year!

  2. and while you're at it make sure you grab some free condoms (or do they come in the 'goody bags' also advertised)?!

  3. [...] be built on the site but I hope its of much use to the local community as the old one was. And as we saw this summer, the local yoof certainly need all the help they can get. #gallery-1 { margin: auto; } #gallery-1 [...]

  4. [...] was particularly struck by this advert (pictured) that the same local health authority placed this summer aimed squarely at W12 yoof who [...]