Monday, 31 August 2009

Notting Hill Carnival Sunday

CarnivalManThe finale was absolutely outstanding. Hot sunny weather, fantastic floats and a really good atmosphere. Having said that one highlight was watching one guy in the crush, who was a couple of people in front of me and quite obviously the worse for wear suddenly erupt forth with his dinner. Not a pretty sight, especially not for those around him.

Compared to previous years this one I think had a much better atmosphere and special mention has to be made of the police who get to spend all day watching everyone else party.

For Bushers the fact that they opened the Westbourne Park tube at 1800 on both days was excellent for transport - I made it from Meanwhile Gardens to Uxbridge Road in about 20 minutes today - a record time!

I hope you all enjoyed this summer which, despite the incompetence of the Met Office with their dodgy weather predictions, was full of good things for W12. Just look at this, this and this for goodness sake. We're spoilt really.

On a personal note I am going back to Africa for my work for the next couple of weeks so will be updating as best I can from there. In the last few months a lot more people have started reading this blog so for those that don't know I work for this organisation doing things like this to avoid another repeat of this. It makes you appreciate how lucky we all are to live in somewhere like the Bush.

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  1. Cheers for selling me on Carnival. I went a couple of times a few years ago and gave up - the crush of people just seemed too much - but you might have convinced me to venture back next year.
    I'm one of the new people who've found this blog recently. I've just returned from a year in Canada, with a newfound love of W12. Has been great to find new things here and read your enthusiasm for the Bush - I always wanted to do more local stuff on my own videoblog but never did, which makes me appreciate your commitment to regularly posting here even more :)